About Dr. Chino L. Walters, PhD

Vote Dr. Chino L. Walters for CCPS Board of Education At-Large (July 19)

Dr. Chino L. Walters

``Focusing on things that matter``

I am running for the Charles County Board of Education at large. I am running because I believe a strong education system is vital to the development of our communities, and that it is the path forward toward success for our scholars. Strategically investing in the creative minds of our scholars now, through public education, will allow them to discover a brighter future and embrace the hidden talents and gifts buried within them. Our scholars need someone who can see beyond their failures and breathe life into them, while supporting our parents and educators who strive daily to pave the way; I am that individual. To move Charles County Public Schools forward, we must elect individuals who are invested in the success of our schools, who will focus on things that matter and that drive the vision and the goals of CCPS with integrity, accountability, equity, and creativity; I am that individual. If elected, as the “new kid on the block,” my loyalty will only be for those I serve: the community and the public schools of Charles County, Maryland.

Dr. Chino L. Walters is a dedicated public servant leader with over 20 years of proven leadership, and serves as the Senior Pastor of Greater Morning Star Apostolic Church located in Waldorf, MD. He has served in many senior leadership roles within the private sector in Information Technology and within multiple facets of Education, including his role as an Information Technology Academy program director in a Prince George’s County high school. He is currently an Information Technology Project Manager for the Federal Government. Dr. Walters holds three earned academic degrees:  a Bachelor’s and a Master’s of Science degree in Information Technology, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Columbia International University. Dr. Walters has a practical and diverse education and organizational leadership background, with a principal focus on board governance and leadership succession. As a diverse educator, Dr. Walters’ experience teaching high school students, military intelligence personnel, and religious groups have prepared him with the necessary skills to complement and move the Charles County Public Schools forward.

FAMILY: Dr. Walters has been a Charles County, Maryland resident for over 19 years. After being honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps, he settled in Waldorf, Maryland, in 2003. A short time later, in 2004, he married Tamara (Davis) Walters. Dr. Walters has been married to Tamara for 17 years and they are the proud parents of three (3) wonderful children: Isaiah, Cheyenne, and Ashlyn, who are also scholars of the Charles County Public Schools system. Dr. Walters enjoys spending quality time with his family and teaching his children the importance of having a relationship with God and family, the importance of community servitude, and the importance of developing life skills. Most recently, Dr. Walters taught his 14-year-old son, Isaiah, how to cut and install a PVC drain pipe for the HVAC system. Dr. Walters believes family is where education begins. He is an advocate of promoting strong family values and ethics and believes that strong families promote strong communities. It is said that “it takes a village to raise a child,” but it takes a strong family to create a village.


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